Popup Content Examples

The Popup Content can be generated in a number of different ways - using the build-in WYSIWYG editor, the HTML code view editor, using external web page as content, embedding movies, flash files, plug-ins, using Forms, placing complex DHTML in the popup, using JavaScript in the popup, using the Instant Mail-Send Buttons option to easily generate a subscription popup, and more.

You may use any alphabet you like, because Popup Toolkit supports UNICODE character set and utf-8 character encoding.

Popup Toolkit supports xhtml and HTML 4.01 documents. Also, all DOCTYPE declarations are supported as well as documents without a DOCTYPE declaration.

You may use various Background settings to achieve Sticky Note popups or chromeless popups with different shapes. You may use for this purpose background images with transparency like GIFs and PNGs. You may also set the transparency of the background image. Here are some popup content background examples:

If you have questions regarding the popup content editing ask me on my e-mail:

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