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Popup Toolkit Update Notice:

To request the current update of Popup Toolkit click (an e-mail will be sent). Or just write me an e-mail using my e-mail address noted at the bottom of this page. Please, also provide your full name and e-mail address, under which you purchased Popup Toolkit.

Current update version: v2.16
(To determine if your version is older open the menu "Help/Check for Update" or "Help/About..." in Popup Toolkit.)

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Popup Toolkit Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. When I open a webpage with a popup from my hard disk I see the message:

    or on Windows 7 (IE9):


  2. The popups are moving very slowly when viewed in Internet Explorer 9, Why?
  3. I don't see my popup in the Instant Preview window, why?
  4. The DHTML popup comes partially or fully under (behind) the Flash movies, why?
  5. I placed a 'Close' link/button inside the internal content of my popup. How do I format the close link text or place an image instead of text?
  6. I am using 'External content - show a specific web page as popup content'. How do I add a 'Close' link, button or an image on my web page (in the popup content) to close the popup?
  7. I have a link in the popup content. But when clicked it opens the page in the popup instead of in the main (parent) browser window. How do I make this link open the page in the main window?
  8. How to make a Sticky Notes popup using Popup Toolkit?
  9. How can I capture the visitor's e-mail address with a form in the popup?
  10. How do I place an HTML form in the popup content?
  11. How do I place a hyperlink in the popup content?
  12. Is it possible to make a popup open every 5 minutes in a loop?
  13. How do I place a stylesheet tag or a stylesheet reference in the popup content?
  14. How do I put pictures/images inside a popup?
  15. I need to use images as the popup content. When I try to preview it, I can't see the image. On your site, you make it appear to be easy to just insert an image in the popup content or as background of the popup. However, when I click on the image icon, it's asking me to provide the image URL. It's not on the server yet, so therefore, I can't provide an actual image URL. Is there some way around this issue that I'm encountering?
  16. When I use an HTML FORM in the popup and submit it, any fields with special characters like ö ä ü ß are sent to the server wrong. For example "müller" is now received on the server as "müller". What is the problem?
  17. I have a web page as popup content. I want it to have transparent background. How do I do that?
  18. I have a Flash movie in my popup. When clicking the 'X' button to close the popup window, the popup goes away but the sound keeps playing. Why?
  19. How long will the TRIAL version last? What is the difference between the actual and the TRIAL version, any missing features?
  20. In the popup code there is the following string: "/*Popup ID section.ID=myid;Generator=Popup Toolkit v2;*/". What does it stand for?
  21. I found a bug. What do I do?
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