Popup Toolkit - Sticky Notes Tutorial

Making Sticky Notes popups with Popup Toolkit is easy and quick. Follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Choose a picture file for the background of the sticky note.
    Tip 1. Preferably, use a JPG or if you need transparency then use a GIF or a PNG file. PNGs allow you semi transparency (alpha) in your pictures, but will not allow fading effects.
  2. Open Popup Toolkit and go to the 'Design Settings' tab. There, in the 'Background Settings' section, use the 'Background image (URL)' field to set the image URL of your sticky note.
    Tip 2. If you have your pic uploaded to a server use its full URL for example "http://popup-toolkit.com/resources/sticky/sticky_yellow.gif". If you have your pic on your hard drive for example "c:\sticky_yellow.gif", then you will need to use the path but with forward slashes instead of backward ones like this: "c:
    /sticky_yellow.gif". This latter variant may be used only for testing purposes. After you finish setting up your sticky note, set the full URL of your pic instead of a path on your hard disk.
  3. Now in the 'Design Settings' tab switch off the titlebar, border and shadow of the popup, using the corresponding checkboxes.
  4. Again in the 'Design Settings' tab, set the size of the popup to match the size of the image you used for background.
  5. The sticky note is ready but has no closing buttons. So if you need your visitors to be able to close the sticky note manually, then add a close link in the 'Popup Content' tab.
Note: If you have further questions, contact me on my e-mail:

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