Here you can test the Popup Toolkit's Fully Unblockable On Exit Popup.

When you navigate away from this page or close the browser tab (window) the Unblockable Popup will open. You have two choices when it opens:
  1. Click the "OK" button in the Unblockable Popup
  2. Click the "Cancel" button in the Unblockable Popup
* Note: These two buttons may be named differently in various browsers.
* Note: Firefox browser currently blocks the text in this kind of popup.

You can set onclick actions for both the "OK" and the "Cancel" buttons, but the "OK" button handler will work only if the popup was opened NOT on exit. If the popup was opened ON EXIT, as in the current test, the "OK" button handler will not work due to browser restrictions, but the "Cancel" button handler will work.

If you click the "Cancel" button in the Unblockable popup a JavaScript code will execute (an alert box will open) and also a URL will be followed. You may set the "Cancel" and "OK" button handlers and URLs in Popup Toolkit user interface in the 'Popup Code' tab. You may also set no actions for any of the two buttons.

Important Tip: The Unblockable On Exit Popup can be even Smarter! You may trigger it with exceptions. If you click This Buy Link the Unblockable On Exit Popup WILL NOT SHOW. It will show all other ways. This behavior is useful when making On Exit Offers to your visitors Only If They DIDN'T Buy your product!

Clicking this link WILL OPEN the Popup!

You may also read the Unblockable Popup Tutorial. You may get further information in the Help, FAQ, News webpage.
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