Popup Toolkit Customers Testimonials:
From Carl France:


What an excellent piece of software, we have tried many of your competitors in the past and we came across your software which on the face of it offered all the little 'nice bits' that we needed for many different projects we have planned. Indeed the software delivers, after having a few issues with setting up one particular complicated pop up with form interaction I had the opportunity to test your support and I found this went far beyond what I would have expected, at all times of the day and night I received responses and you also took the opportunity to research a few issues yourself before coming up with the solution to the problem (which was at my end of course but a rather complicated set up and not an obvious solution)!

Well done! Please let me know when you release other pieces of software as for sure we will be investing.

To anyone considering this software go ahead and download the free trial and test it out, its interesting, fun and generally very easy to set up amazing results - for sure you will get the licensed version when you have had some fun with it! ;-)

Regards, Carl France
From Richard Fisher:

Hi Sveti,
I would like to say that your Popup Toolkit is an incredible program! I already have a highly recommended program that does similar things, but as soon as I saw what your Popup Toolkit could do, I immediately decided to change to your program.

It's absolutely incredible! I can easily create spinning popups, sliding popups, bouncing, jumping - you name it! It's so easy to use your Popup Toolkit program. It's so flexible. Your technical support is so good.

You can do just so much with this program. But now you tell me I can do even more, so I'm going to make the popups appear and disappear at intervals. Totally incredible! To anyone reading this, I'd say that you shouldn't bother with any other program because the PopUp Workshop is far better than anything else on the market. Don't hesitate. Get it.

Best regards,
Richard Fisher
Rudloe Hall Hotel
From Alan Brown:

Hi Sveti,
Alan Brown here again and I just want to thank you for helping me sort out the popups on my website.

I know I do some pretty complicated things (cascading exit popups with multiple offers) with the fantastic Popup Toolkit but heh that's what it for!

These multiple offers combined with the AskDataBase exit survey on my website have not only doubled my income in direct sales, hugely increased my subscriber list, but I also have the feedback from non-buyers that allows me to target my product and offers to prospects. And it couldn't be done without the Popup Toolkit. I know that because I have ALL the pop-up softwares there are.

Sorry this is a bit long, Sveti, but I'm just so knocked out by your product and service.

And that's the reason for this email. When I got into a bit of a pickle with my cascading popups, you spent a great deal of your own time helping me to sort things out. I have never experienced such a dedicated personal support service from any other product.

Brilliant and thank you.

I owe you one.

Best Regards
Alan Brown

From Dimi (SoundHouse Hellas):

Hello Sveti,

I've been searching for a fine, flexible, professional, easy to use non blockable popup script for months now!

Your Popup Toolkit has more features then I ever could imagine or was expecting....Thank you for your great work! This handy to use tool was setup within minutes and minutes later working (and still is) error free on our shop.

But the best "feature" I was impressed of was your 24hours, 7 days excellent support to this tool, which shows that there is live behind the product.

Thanks a lot for all your professional support and even the quick response including custom demands to the new upgrades!

Take care and best wishes for the future of PopUP Tool Kit

SoundHouse Hellas
From Drake:

Hello Sveti,

It was great to find out how 'easy to use' and professional at one time
is your Popup Toolkit.

It's pumping up my site... thank you also for fast support and quick


From Lori Soren:

Hello Sveti,

Thanks for the fast response. I got the program update and everything
works perfectly.

I just wanted to let you know I have spent the past few days looking for a good exit popup program and have tried several demos and even paid for another one that was garbage. Popup Toolkit is HANDS DOWN THE BEST. You have a ton of options yet it's still completely easy to use. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone. You can even use this as a testimonial if you want too. Hopefully it will help others that are looking to save there time and just go with the best (That would be you :)!

Thanks a million,
Lori Soren
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