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Popup Toolkit - Popup Generator and Hover Ads Creator.
Popup Toolkit v2. Generates Regular Popups, Popunders, Imposing Popups and DHTML (Hover) Unblockable Popups. Has the richest variety of features, effects, behaviors seen anywhere.
Banner Rotator Workshop - Banner Rotator Generator.
Banner Rotator Workshop v1.0. Generates Effective and Joyful Banner Rotators and Banner Ads. This Tool encompases a great number of features, effects, behaviors never seen anywhere before.
 NEW!  On-line Web HTML Menus Generator.
Creates HTML web menus. Select the menus in several sub-levels and then edit the text of their items. You can also set the colors and font properties of each menu, or to the main menu only - the sub-menus will inherit these properties by default. Then set the links that should be followed on each menu item click and the JavaScript commands (if any) that should be executed when a menu item is clicked.
Place the generated code in the desired place in your webpage and you are ready to catch the eyes of the public with your new cool-looking and functional web menu!


On-line Popup Generator and Hover Ads creator.
This popup generator generates sliding unblockable hover ads and pop-ups.
On-line Adaptive HTML Generator.
Creates Adaptive HTML content. You either choose to generate a combo box (HTML select element) or radio buttons group. When your web visitor selects an option from your combo or clicks on a radio button the HTML associated with this option will appear in the place of your web page you choose. If no option is chosen, the default HTML content will be visible. Very useful for adaptive forms, surveys, etc.
On-line multi-zone web clock generator.
Place a digital clock on your web page, or even several clocks that show the time in different time zones.
On-line Multi Zone Web Clock (Analog) Maker.
Place a Beautiful Analog Clock on your web page, or even several clocks that show the time in different time zones! Choose among several galleries of beautiful clock faces!
On-line MAILTO: link creator.
Easily create MAILTO: links for your web pages.
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