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Creates Unblockable Sliding Hover Ads and DHTML Popups.
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For instructions see below the interface (scroll the page down).

Popup Size and Position
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Distance from Left: pixels Distance from Top: pixels
Titlebar Settings
Popup Title:
Title Font: Title Font Size: pt
Popup Triggering and Behavior Options
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Slide In From: Slide In Speed: pixels/sec
Slide Out To: Slide Out Speed: pixels/sec
Close button text:
Color settings
Title Back-Color:
Title Fore-Color:
Border Color:
Content Back-Color:
Popup Code
Enter Popup Content in this box (Use HTML Content): Popup Code will appear in this box. Paste the code just before the </body> tag in your web page, so that you don't hinder the search engines:

  • Free popup generator supports all browsers:  Internet Explorer,  Firefox,  Netscape,  Mozilla,  Google Chrome,  Safari,  Opera.
  • This generator does NOT place any HIDDEN links like many other generators do. Hidden links WILL cause your site to be penalized by search engines or completely withdrawn from search result pages for a long period of time.
  • Use the interface to customize your popup. Then click the 'Test the Popup...' button to test your popup in a new window.
  • Once you are satisfied with how your popup looks and behaves in the test window you just need to copy and paste the popup code before the </body> tag in your web page(s). It is as simple as that!
  • If you encounter problems, just post me an e-mail (see e-mail at bottom of page).

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  • Popup Size and Position section.
    Here you may set the size (width and height) of you Hover Ad window. Choose values in pixels. When setting the position of you Hover Ad, have in mind that the left offset is from the left edge of the browser window where the Hover Ad will appear. The same is true for the Top offset. Both are in pixels.
  • The Titlebar Settings section.
    It allows you to adjust the title bar properties of you Hover Ad. You may set the title text, font and the images of the close and minimize buttons. For the letter specify a valid URL of the images.
  • Popup Triggering and Behavior Options section.
    You may set after how long the hover ad should be triggered. If you don't check this checkbox the hover ad will trigger immediately on page load. Specify the time period in seconds.
    You may also define a time interval
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