New update of Popup Toolkit (version 2.16) is ready, including new 3D features! Dec.24.2016
Popup Toolkit celebrates 10 years in 2016! Dec.24.2016
3D popup effects created. The Popup Toolkit 3D was born. Dec.10.2016
3D elements in the user interface created (3D sections expand and colapse effect). Oct.12.2016
New plugins for the latest version of Joomla and Wordpress were developed. Sept.22.2016
3D spash screen introduced. Aug.20.2016
Drag & Drop functionality introduced. Popup project files may be dragged and dropped now in the user interface of Popup Toolkit. Oct.16.2015
User interface tabs now may be changed using [Ctrl]+[Tab] or [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Tab] keys. Aug.02.2015
Slider control in the user interface fixed. June.15.2015
Now you may disable popups for mobile devices. See 'Behavior Settings' tab/ 'Browser Related Behavior' section/'Don't show the popup on mobile devices' checkbox. May.31.2014
Forbidden daily time interval was introduced in the 'How Often to Show the Popup' section aiming at hiding popups with adult content during inappropriate time gaps during the day. For example, you may now forbid popup opening from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. every day. May.15.2014
'Popup Code' tab/'Popup Installation' section/'How to install the popup code:' drop-box with 'Only create a JS file' selected option. The 'Browse' button did not add "\" at end of path. Fixed. May.6.2014
New update of Popup Toolkit (version 2.15) was released. Dec.10.2013
Popunder popup type was implemented again. Dec.05.2013
A new feature 'Always show the popup in the preview windows' was added to the 'How Often to Show the Popup (Cookie Settings)' section of the interface. Now you may disable all features of this section and force the popup to always show in the preview windows (only), or you may uncheck the checkbox and observe the effects of these features on the popup when viewed in the preview windows. Even with this checkbox checked all features of the 'How Often to Show the Popup (Cookie Settings)' section will still work when the popup is installed to a web page. Nov.23.2013
New update of Popup Toolkit (version 2.13) was released. Jan.18.2013
The 'Once per session' cookie option was not working. Fixed. Jan.14.2013
The Popup Toolkit User's Manual was losing scroll position of the content upon resizing of the window. Fixed. Jan.14.2013
A DHTML popup, when clicked, should be brought to top over other DHTML popups on the same webpage. Clicking the DHTML popup's titlebar was not bringing the popup to top. Fixed. Jan.13.2013
The Caterpillar effect was refined and vertical caterpillar motion was added. Now you can make your popup move in vertical directions from top to bottom and from bottom to top as addition to the horizontal caterpillar motions. Oct.06.2012
JS (JavaScript) file installation tutorial was created (see FAQ). Oct.04.2012
The 'Popup Installation' section was refined and now includes three instead of two popup installation methods. Download the TRIAL or see user's manual for further information. Oct.03.2012
Joomla v2.5 plugin tutorial was added (see FAQ). Sept.24.2012
Plugin for Joomla v2.5 was created. The plugin is delivered FREE when you get Popup Toolkit. Sept.22.2012
New feature added to the Options dialog (Main Menu/Tools/Options): Checkbox 'Remember interface position and size'. When you check this checkbox (unchecked by default) the interface position and size/maximization will be automatically stored upon closing the software. The next time you start Popup Toolkit it will open in the old position/size. Sept.03.2012
'footer.pws' project file added to Templates inside TRIAL installers. June.25.2012
Help icons on section title bars were not working. Fixed. Mar.18.2012
More triggering code examples added in the interface ('Popup Code' tab/'Popup Triggering Codes' section). Jan.21.2012
Icons were implemented for collapse/expand of sections in the interface. Jan.12.2012
Toggling the view of help icons (options dialog) would take effect upon restart of the software. Now it takes effect immediately. Jan.12.2012
Error with some of the templates in the main preview - fixed. Jan.12.2012
'If the popup gets blocked open DHTML popup instead' feature was not working in Chrome and Opera - fixed. Jan.09.2012
Oval minimize and close buttons are now visible in the main preview window. Jan.08.2012
'Don't show the popup for initial period after first visit' feature was developed (cookie-based feature). Jan.05.2012
Two types of cookies were implemented: Side wide cookies and Directory restricted cookies. Jan.05.2012
A problem with external popup content concerning the incompatibility of website www. URL and external content non-www. URL or website non-www. URL and external content www. URL was fixed. Dec.28.2011
New update of Popup Toolkit (version 2.12) was released. Dec.14.2011
A problem with placing the popup code in the HEAD section of the web page was fixed. Dec.10.2011
WordPress plugin tutorial was added (see FAQ). Dec.02.2011
Joomla 1.5 plugin tutorial was added (see FAQ). Dec.01.2011
WordPress plugin for Popup Toolkit was created and is delivered FREE when you get Popup Toolkit. Now Popup Toolkit users may add popups to WordPress based web sites. See an example WordPress website with popups inside here. Nov.30.2011
Transparent background with external content of DHTML popup was not working - fixed. Nov.25.2011
New update of Popup Toolkit (version 2.11) was released. Nov.17.2011
Joomla 1.5 plugin added. Now Popup Toolkit users may add popups to Joomla 1.5 based websites. The plugin is delivered FREE when you get Popup Toolkit. Nov.16.2011
Two buttons for popup installation and deletion increased to seven buttons ('Popup Code' tab/'Popup Installation' section). Nov.15.2011
Select the webpage section where to install the popup code to. ('Popup Code' tab/'Popup Installation' section/'Insert the code in section:' select box). Nov.14.2011
Show only once per period - the period is now set in days/hours/minutes/seconds, instead of only days. ('General Settings' tab/'How Often to Show the Popup' section/'For each visitor show the popup:' select box set to 'Once per period...' option). Nov.11.2011
A templates selection dialog command was implemented in the main menu. Nov.07.2011
Sliders on floating point value fields made to show correct precision in fraction part. Nov.07.2011
Entering numeric values in fields in the interface exhibited erronous validation function - fixed. Nov.07.2011
Showing external button images was fixed. Nov.07.2011
Enabling the 'Minimize button image file URL:' field when choosing 'Use external button images (URLs)' for 'Buttons type:' fixed. Nov.07.2011
New update of Popup Toolkit (version 2.10) was released. Oct.04.2011
Oval button shape was implemented for minimize and close buttons without images. Oct.04.2011
The 'Unblockable Popup' tutorial was edited (see FAQ). Oct.04.2011
The 'Sticky Notes' tutorial was edited (see FAQ). Oct.03.2011
The 'Popup in a Loop' tutorial was edited (see FAQ). Oct.03.2011
The 'Getting Started' tutorial was edited (see FAQ). Oct.03.2011
New fonts added to WYSIWYG editor. Oct.02.2011
New fonts added to popup titlebar font combo box. Oct.02.2011
Entering incorrect values in text fields in the interface caused errors - fixed. Oct.02.2011
'main_script_executed' debug message removed. Oct.01.2011
Backspace button in interface and help caused failure - fixed. Oct.01.2011
Help file Contents fixed. Oct.01.2011
Frequently Asked Questions were updated and corrected according to the new version. Sept.30.2011
When erroneous filename was specified in command line argument the initialization of a new project failed - fixed. Sept.29.2011
Windows 7 bug when opening examples - fixed. Sept.29.2011
The Internet Explorer preview yellow message 'To help protect...' has been fixed. See the user's manual (at the beginning) for further information and the FAQ question 1. Sept.27.2011
The Getting Started tutorial is ready. Sept.23.2011
Help file (user's manual) was edited. Sept.22.2011
Setting up colors of the minimize and close buttons (simple mode without images) was added. Sept.22.2011
Bug with minimize and close buttons (simple mode without images) was fixed. Sept.22.2011
New loading mode of popup content added 'Preload and load content on each opening of the popup' (see 'Popup Code' tab). Sept.21.2011
Countdown timer started on popup load instead of on popup open - fixed. Sept.21.2011
Heuristic on exit algorithm activates 'Delay opening' feature, instead of opening immediately - fixed. Sept.21.2011
Icons in the WYSIWYG editor for 'Insert image' and 'Insert table' - fixed. Sept.19.2011
New version of Popup Toolkit was released - Popup Toolkit v2.02. Sept.10.2011
Version 1.4.28 released. Heuristic on exit algorithm triggering modes 'On Exit with Exceptions' and 'On Exit Only through Specific Links' were added. Oct.03.2009
A 'Check for Update' menu command was added in the Help menu. Oct.03.2009